Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-09-2017

The Rise Of Intermodal Media
(tags: media video facebook twitter viaPadmini )
Theresa May suppressed up to nine studies that found immigration does not hit UK wages, claims Vince Cable
(tags: immigration OhForFucksSake censorship )
The Body In Number 10. Solving the mystery of Theresa May’s replacement
(tags: politics conservatives UK viaDanielDWilliam )
Are these the worst dates you've ever heard? (Or can you beat them?)
(tags: relationships fail )
Google’s Street View cars are now giant, mobile 3D scanners
Now, what would they want a giant 3D map of the road system for?
(tags: Google maps driving )
Tram inquiry latest: Contract signed before design finished
(tags: trams Edinburgh business OhForFucksSake )
Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world
(tags: plastic water pollution environment viaSwampers )
'Pen' identifies cancer in 10 seconds
(tags: cancer Technology )
TUC boss accuses Government of using migrants as 'human shields' for its own failings
(tags: immigration work uk politics )
Brexit: Cabinet minsters 'revolt' against Theresa May's plan to curb migration
(tags: politics immigration Conservatives uk )
Theresa May and David Davis selectively quoted report to justify sweeping cabinet Brexit powers
(tags: uk europe politics Conservatives OhForFucksSake fraud )
Catalonia to hold independence vote despite anger in Madrid
(tags: independence spain )
How short-term increases in testosterone change men’s thinking style
(tags: men hormones testosterone thinking brain psychology )

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