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Interesting Links for 03-09-2017

Incredible Dragon Bench Carved Using A Chainsaw. (The pug one is awesome too)
(tags: dragons )
The Three Waves of Discworld novels
(tags: terrypratchett )
Ronald Reagan: Monster and Mass Murderer
(tags: history aids usa politics republicans economics )
The unique thing about people is that we can make whole new kinds of errors
(tags: fail brain psychology thought )
Why Jack Kirby is the most important figure in comics history
(tags: comics history )
Only 10% of Brits believe in psychics
I'd have assumed at least double that, so I'm pretty happy
(tags: fraud death GoodNews belief )
62% of marriages in Scotland last year were non religious
(tags: religion Scotland wedding GoodNews )
The 'slave block' in a town in Virginia: should it stay or should it go?
I'd say it should stay. It's not glorification, it's history, and a necessary reminder of the horrors inflicted on the slaves.
(tags: racism slavery history usa )
Explaining what was wrong with the Seventh Season of Game of Thrones. (Still enjoyed it myself, mind you)
(tags: gameofthrones )
Rogue private landlords given £2.5bn a year of public money
(tags: housing uk OhForFucksSake )
New earliest known gamebook/choose your own adventure—it was written by two women in 1930
(tags: games books history )
Yugoslavia had the oddest "sexy" computer magazine covers
(tags: sex computers Yugoslavia weird ViaDrCross )

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