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Interesting Links for 27-08-2017

This is the relationship I have with my to-read list
(tags: internet life )
A good piece on Joss Whedon
(tags: JossWhedon marriage buffy tv writing women viaJennieRigg )
Here Is What Happens When You Run Away From All Of Your Problems
(tags: life advice )
You can only use the Wi-Fi at St Pancras station if you give them control of your Twitter account
(tags: Twitter wifi OhForFucksSake )
Hope Lies In Rebellion — Some Analysis Of “The Music of Rogue One”
(tags: music StarWars viaFanf )
Can we know what animals are thinking?
(tags: animals thought mind )
A short history of tool use
(tags: tools technology )
NASA sent one identical twin brother to space for a year and studied how it changed him
(tags: NASA space genetics twins )
Maybe We All Need a Little Less Balance
(tags: life advice )
Explaining just how evil Joe Arpaio is
(tags: evil usa police )

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