Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 25-08-2017

Britain says it should still be able to influence EU regulations after leaving EU
(tags: data Europe regulation uk )
ONS overestimated that 90,000 international students per year were overstaying. Actual figure is 4,600
(tags: immigration fail students Education OhForFucksSake )
Samsung TV owners furious after software update leaves sets unusable
(tags: software tv OhForFucksSake samsung )
Caffeine makes food and drink seem less sweet
(tags: Caffeine food sugar )
Grenfell proved it: the British media are part of a disconnected elite
(tags: diversity media uk )
What It Takes to Hold Your Breath for 24 Minutes
(tags: air bodies impressive )
The Best Way To End Poverty
(tags: poverty economics GuaranteedIncome )
6 Inventions Making British Disabled People's Lives Better In 2017
(tags: technology disabilities )
Self-driving lorries to be tested on UK roads in the next year
(tags: technology transport automation uk )
Chemicals used in furniture and gym mats could be making women infertile
(tags: fertility chemistry )
Here at the End of All Things : on losing oneself in in maps of fantasy worlds
(tags: fantasy maps viaFanf )
Half-Life Writer Shares Episode 3 Details
(tags: games )
British man's heavily-pregnant Chinese wife denied visa
(tags: marriage immigration OhForFucksSake )
The Scotsmen Who Invented Modernity
(tags: scotland history philosophy economics )
Fishing Planet has the most epic trailer music ever - for a game where you mostly stand still next to a river
(tags: music fish viaSwampers trailer video )

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