Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 22-08-2017

People who 'hear voices' can also detect hidden speech in unusual sounds
(tags: hearing brain psychology hallucinations )
Trans men show unusual connectivity patterns in brain networks involved in self perception
(tags: perception psychology transgender lgbt )
How JavaScript works
(tags: javascript browser technology programming )
Hunt vs. Hawking: who’s right about the NHS?
(tags: nhs facts uk healthcare )
Recognizing when two arithmetic expressions are essentially the same
(tags: mathematics programming )
The government position on betting machines is evil *and* stupid
(tags: OhForFucksSake gambling UK tax Conservatives )
Minnesota has a Confederate symbol — and it is going to keep it
(tags: USA history war flags )
Tory councillors suspension lifted over offensive tweets about Catholics and black people.
(tags: Conservatives racism catholicism )
Why I Don't Like Being Called A 'Gender Neutral Parent'
(tags: gender children marketing parenting toys )
Wings Over Scotland blogger arrested over alleged harassment
(tags: scotland harrassment twitter )
Lib Dems under Vince Cable still want to legalise cannabis
(tags: marijuana legalisation uk libdem )

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Tags: brain, browser, catholicism, children, conservatives, facts, flags, gambling, gender, hallucinations, harrassment, healthcare, hearing, history, javascript, legalisation, lgbt, libdem, links, marijuana, marketing, mathematics, nhs, ohforfuckssake, parenting, perception, programming, psychology, racism, scotland, tax, technology, toys, transgender, twitter, uk, usa, war

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