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Interesting Links for 17-08-2017

A Breakthrough In Solid-State Batteries (still two years away though, so not holding my breath)
(tags: batteries )
Those Brexit Negotiations – abridged
(tags: uk europe )
Edinburgh Gothic (the most accurate description of living here during the festival)
(tags: Edinburgh festival satire )
The Best Way to Test Students? Make Them Explain It On Video
(tags: videos Education testing )
Weight-gain receptor linked to antipsychotic drugs
(tags: drugs weight mentalhealth )
Lothian Buses announce diversions for the Leith Street Closure
Actually works out well for me.
(tags: Edinburgh transport buses )
What Is the Alt-Left? For Starters, Not a Thing
(tags: politics language )
London Pride report questions organisers approach on diversity
(tags: lgbt diversity )
This is the disruption caused by a drone flying near to Gatwick
(tags: drone airplanes video )
The origin of complex life on Earth just got a little less mysterious
(tags: life )
N.K. Jemisin's Hugo-Winning The Fifth Season Is Being Adapted for TV
(tags: tv scifi nkjemisin )
Steve Bannon brands far right 'losers' and contradicts Trump in surprise interview
(tags: politics usa )
What mistakes in your experience does management keep making?
(tags: management )
More than 200 jurors were excused from Martin Shrekli's trial. Because they hate him.
I honestly thought this was satire when I first read it.
(tags: funny law usa )
Woman Banned from US After Border Agent Finds Proof of Drug Use on Phone
Have I mentioned how I've lost all interest in visiting the USA?
(tags: usa security OhForFucksSake drugs )
Peanut allergy cured in majority of children in immunotherapy trial
(tags: allergies GoodNews )
If the media covered the US riots the same way it covers them in other countries
Actually, 80% of this article _is_ the way that other countries cover the USA. Other than the obviously satirical bits this could have been an article in The Independent
(tags: media journalism satire usa )

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