Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 12-08-2017

Why people fall for "clean eating" (tl;dr charisma+despair - the usual way cults work)
When people lose trust in experts, and want a set of rules, they'll go for charisma and stories which resonate over complication.
(tags: food health fraud )
New divorce form 'invites name and shame' of adulterers
(tags: divorce law england )
Think like a supermodel if you want to win from the gig economy
(tags: work employment economics Technology )
Britain needs an anti-Brexit centrist party, says politician studiously ignoring the Lib Dems
(tags: libdem satire politics UK )
“Bloom”. Edinburgh International Festival, August 2017. (Gorgeous projections onto buildings)
(tags: art edinburgh festival light photos )
Reviving the U.K.'s Giant Network of Bike Highways (Built in the 1930s!)
(tags: history bicycles uk )
Mark Buckingham Is "Primarily Focused On Getting Miracleman Done"
(tags: comics awesome alanmoore neilgaiman )
Hugo awards 2017: NK Jemisin wins best novel for second year in a row
(tags: Hugo awards scifi )
Defending Indiana Jones, Archaeologist
(tags: archeology movies )

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Tags: alanmoore, archeology, art, awards, awesome, bicycles, comics, divorce, economics, edinburgh, employment, england, festival, food, fraud, health, history, hugo, law, libdem, light, links, movies, neilgaiman, photos, politics, satire, scifi, technology, uk, work

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