Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 03-08-2017

'No major incidents' as driverless buses launch in Estonia
(tags: automation transport buses )
Men Will Lose the Most Jobs to Robots, and That's OK
(tags: gender work society automation )
How central are female characters to a movie?
(tags: movies gender society )
The incredible privilege of men's clothing
I literally had no idea until I went clothes shopping with female friends how awful their clothing options are.
(tags: clothing gender privilege )
It's not that people born after 1980 are narcissists, it's that young people are always narcissists
(tags: generation society youth psychology )
Earth Overshoot Day: Mankind has already consumed more natural resources than the planet can renew throughout 2017
(tags: earth renewables doom )
Gamblers more likely to have suffered childhood traumas
(tags: children gambling psychology trauma )
What flowers looked like 100 million years ago
(tags: flowers prehistory )
'Dr. Men' figurines coming in the Autumn!
(tags: drwho )
Bitcoin: splits, shorts, longs, and complications
(tags: bitcoin finance )

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Tags: automation, bitcoin, buses, children, clothing, doom, drwho, earth, finance, flowers, gambling, gender, generation, links, movies, prehistory, privilege, psychology, renewables, society, transport, trauma, work, youth

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