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Interesting Links for 01-08-2017

No, Corbyn did not pledge to abolish student debt
(tags: politics labour students debt )
UK military chiefs praise transgender troops
(tags: lgbt military uk viaSwampers )
Muted stress response linked to long-term cannabis use
(tags: stress marijuana )
People are terrible at judging how good their intuitions are
(tags: psychology )
FT journalists threaten to strike over gender pay gap
(tags: money journalism pay gender )
FCA keeps payday loan cap
(tags: loans UK )
Interoperable systems and data at the heart of plans to modernise UK payments infrastructure
(tags: banking money technology uk )
Book Review: Raise A Genius!
(tags: Intelligence genius review advice )
One in eight young people in the UK have never seen a real cow - 18% have never left the city
I once talked to an Outward Bound instructor who worked with deprived kids, and they'd arrive in the Lake District with no real idea that there were places that *big*. It's sad that there are children who haven't left the city they were born in, but it doesn't surprise me.
(tags: cities children viaSwampers )
Climate change will almost certainly heat the world so much it can never recover, major study finds
(tags: globalwarming )

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