Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 30-07-2017

The Party Establishment Wing Of Trumpworld Collapses
(tags: republicans politics usa )
The rise of the 35 year mortgage
(tags: mortgages debt )
When you're a camp counsellor and need advice about the sudden rash of horrible deaths
(tags: funny horror satire advice )
Jupiter is so big it does not actually orbit the sun
(tags: space )
Australia's Labor opposition vows republic referendum
(tags: monarchy Australia referendum )
'Valerian' Would Make a Great Silent Movie
(tags: movies review scifi )
34 criminal cases tossed after body cam footage shows cop planting drugs
(tags: police OhForFucksSake transparentsociety )
For video games, the loss of Flash is a tragedy
(tags: Flash Technology sad )
Did Airbnb Kill the Mountain Town?
Build! More! Housing! Seriously, this would all be solved if they expanded the towns.
(tags: housing rental )
Bespoke porn: Nothing is too weird. We consider all requests
(tags: porn )
Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse Global Warming
(tags: globalwarming )

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Tags: advice, australia, debt, flash, funny, globalwarming, horror, housing, links, monarchy, mortgages, movies, ohforfuckssake, police, politics, porn, referendum, rental, republicans, review, sad, satire, scifi, space, technology, transparentsociety, usa

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