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Interesting Links for 20-07-2017

Which Anonymous Sources Are Worth Paying Attention To?
(tags: politics reporting media advice )
A neat video showing how Google Glass helps people with manual/technical work
(tags: work glass google Technology )
Another cool video, talking to people who use Google Glass for their jobs (wire assemblies for planes)
(tags: google glass Technology work airplanes )
Producing animated "art" faces based on real video and example art
(tags: art video faces )
Arguing against xkcd on free speech
(tags: freespeech xkcd comics )
Reducing lead levels in children reduces violent crime by a staggering amount
(tags: lead crime behaviour )
Analyzing the Gender Representation of 34,476 Comic Book Characters
(tags: gender comics analysis visualisation )
What Happens To Pornhub During Game Of Thrones
(tags: gameofthrones porn statistics visualisation )
State pension age increase brought forward (I'll be working an extra year)
(tags: pensions uk viaSwampers )
Lost Time - on Proust and Science Fiction
(tags: time scifi writing )
A common underlying genetic basis for social behavior in dogs and humans
(tags: dogs humans genetics socialisation personality )
Cop’s body cam films him planting drugs—he obviously didn’t know it was recording
(tags: transparentsociety police cameras )
Sea cave preserves 5,000-year snapshot of tsunamis
(tags: sea cave tsunami earthquake history )
How Devastating was the Black Death?
(tags: history death disease )
Guillermo del Toro's "The Shape of Water" looks beautiful
(tags: movies GuillermoDelToro trailer video )
"Gef! The Strange Tale of an Extra Special Talking Mongoose"
I can only conclude that many people are _so_ desperate to believe things that they will do so no matter what. This is not, of course, a new observation.
(tags: magic belief history weird )

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