Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 19-07-2017

How Google Glass became a success
(tags: google glass Technology )
Openreach mulls full fibre rollout for 10 million in UK
Gosh. That took a whole four months from being made separate from BT.
(tags: internet uk )
Every Place We Used to Think Was a Planet (Until We Knew Better)
(tags: planets space language )
It’s always windy somewhere: Balancing renewable energy in Europe
(tags: Europe windpower renewables )
The Dark Side of the Moon lands at Dynamic Earth
I really want to see this. Anyone else in Edinburgh fancy joining me?
(tags: music edinburgh festival )
Fusion energy pushed back beyond 2050
(tags: fusion nuclearpower )
I'm really cheered by the responses to this rant about the evils of a female Doctor
(tags: drwho women )
All charges for paying by card to be banned
A quick dig discovered that banks are only allowed to charge 0.2% fees to process the charge, so making the businesses just include that in their prices seems reasonable.
(tags: payment money uk )
Rick And Morty Creators On Season 3, Delays, And The April Fools' Premiere
(tags: tv animation )
For one week these women recorded all the times they were objectified sexually
(tags: psychology research women society sex )

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Tags: animation, drwho, edinburgh, europe, festival, fusion, glass, google, internet, language, links, money, music, nuclearpower, payment, planets, psychology, renewables, research, sex, society, space, technology, tv, uk, windpower, women

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