Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-07-2017

France: no coal power from 2022, no new petrol cars from 2040.
(tags: france globalwarming coal cars )
Having to explain how a political policy works makes people less extreme about it
(tags: politics psychology viaFrancescaElston )
Use of WhatsApp in NHS widespread
(tags: nhs chat communication internet security )
Why People With Brain Implants Are Afraid to Go Through Automatic Doors
(tags: cybernetics cyborg brain Technology fail )
Disabled MP forced to miss Commons debates because he has nowhere to sit
(tags: disability uk parliament )
Welcome to Our Startup Where Everyone is 23 Years Old Because We Believe Old People Are Visually Displeasing and Out of Ideas
(tags: age job startups funny satire )
How A Reader’s Feminist Critique Changed My Sci-Fi Novel
(tags: writing feminism criticism scifi )
Stream-ripping is fastest growing music piracy
(tags: piracy copyright music streaming )

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Tags: age, brain, cars, chat, coal, communication, copyright, criticism, cybernetics, cyborg, disability, fail, feminism, france, funny, globalwarming, internet, job, links, music, nhs, parliament, piracy, politics, psychology, satire, scifi, security, startups, streaming, technology, uk, viafrancescaelston, writing

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