Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 19-06-2017

An obituary for the architecture of Dark Souls' eternally dying land
Made me want to finally get around to reading Gormenghast.
(tags: games architecture death )
Grenfell Tower cladding is banned in the UK, Chancellor reveals
(tags: uk fire safety )
How do you draw a circle? How culture shapes our instincts
(tags: shape writing language culture )
Britain's longest-married couple celebrate anniversary
(tags: marriage age relationships uk )
So - who should you follow so as to follow the thrills and spills of the Brexit negotiations?
(tags: UK Europe twitter )
How Newspapers Lost Their Monopoly On Influencing Voters In The 2017 General Election
(tags: UK politics newspapers media internet blogs viaDalglir )
The government is failing on product safety (and ignoring a review the coalition government commissioned)
(tags: uk government safety fail )

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Tags: age, architecture, blogs, culture, death, europe, fail, fire, games, government, internet, language, links, marriage, media, newspapers, politics, relationships, safety, shape, twitter, uk, viadalglir, writing

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