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Interesting Links for 14-06-2017

Men! Are you juggling a successful career and fatherhood? Then you'll need these helpful tips!
(tags: work life tips men sexism satire )
All 213 Beatles Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best
(tags: music )
Boss threatened staff with redundancy if they voted Labour
(tags: politics uk )
Is the keyboard faster than the mouse?
(tags: ux productivity speed computers mice keyboard )
Drug that creates a 'real sun-tan' could prevent cancer
(tags: sun cancer body )
Black Panther: World of Wakanda canceled: I'm the reason superhero comics are struggling
Me too. I only buy trades, and I'm sure that has an effect.
(tags: comics publishing business )
Majority of every worker group voted for Labour over Tories except retired
(tags: employment voting labour politics uk )
Kazakhstan Has First Ever Tabletop RPG Convention
(tags: gaming viaElfy )
Donald Trump Is Making Europe Liberal Again
(tags: usa Europe politics liberal voting )
I shall not be seeing The Mummy
(tags: movies review funny )
Modernism in the Shadow of the Habsburg Empire
(tags: history Europe empire language Germany austria Jews )
An amusing thread involving sexism, children, Disney, and troublesome grandmothers
(tags: parenting movies Disney grandparents revolution patriarchy )
Abortion: NI women not entitled to NHS terminations in England
(tags: abortion nhs uk england NorthernIreland )
Conservative supporters are more likely to be ill-educated or old
Changeover point is of people who were 10 during Winter of Discontent. Which _still_ has my parents voting Conservative.
(tags: demographics age education politics UK )
The menace of UK's firetrap tower blocks (from 2013)
(tags: uk safety housing fire OhForFucksSake )

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Tags: abortion, age, austria, body, business, cancer, comics, computers, demographics, disney, education, empire, employment, england, europe, fire, funny, gaming, germany, grandparents, history, housing, jews, keyboard, labour, language, liberal, life, links, men, mice, movies, music, nhs, northernireland, ohforfuckssake, parenting, patriarchy, politics, productivity, publishing, review, revolution, safety, satire, sexism, speed, sun, tips, uk, usa, ux, viaelfy, voting, work

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