Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-06-2017

Amid coal plant closures, coal mines open (but not for electricity)
(tags: coal materials )
The difficult relationship between mathematicians and publicity
(tags: mathematics )
Kids who weather bitter divorce are 3 times more vulnerable to colds as adults
(tags: disease relationships stress divorce immune_system )
Bob Geldof voting Liberal Democrat for first time
(tags: libdem europe politics uk )
Is white or whole wheat bread 'healthier?' Depends on the person
(tags: food )
Waist-to-height ratio more accurate than BMI in identifying obesity, new study shows
(tags: BMI obesity weight height )
Dirt has a microbiome, and it may double as an antidepressant
(tags: health mentalhealth nature microbiome )
How "We Rate Dogs'" Matt Nelson Turned Joke Twitter Account Into Successful Business
(tags: business dogs twitter )
The key psychological differences between terrorists and controls
(tags: psychology terrorism )
The world's first commercial carbon-capture plant opens in Switzerland
(tags: co2 carbon Switzerland globalwarming )
UK police arrest man via automatic face-recognition tech
(tags: police uk faces Technology )
The Strange Brain of the World’s Greatest Solo Climber
(tags: brain fear mountains climbing )

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