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Interesting Links for 02-06-2017

Edinburgh Tram lawyers: ‘We warned you 2 years ago a cyclist would die’
(tags: edinburgh trams death OhForFucksSake viaSwampers )
JRR Tolkien book Beren and Lúthien published after 100 years
(tags: Tolkien books )
Uber lost another $708 million in the first three months of the year
(tags: business transport money )
Older Adults Learning Programming: Motivations and Frustrations
(tags: age programming Education )
Fireflies - an interactive look at how they flash in time with each other
(tags: firefly light time patterns )
Sugar-Breathing Glycopolymersomes for Regulating Glucose Level
(tags: sugar diabetes )
Climate change in ten graphs
(tags: globalwarming visualisation )
WA, NY and CA Governors Announce Formation of United States Climate Alliance
(tags: globalwarming usa GoodNews )
The super-rich are different: they pay less tax
(tags: taxes )
Fact-checking Donald Trump's statement withdrawing from Paris climate agreement
(tags: globalwarming facts usa politics )

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Tags: age, books, business, death, diabetes, edinburgh, education, facts, firefly, globalwarming, goodnews, light, links, money, ohforfuckssake, patterns, politics, programming, sugar, taxes, time, tolkien, trams, transport, usa, viaswampers, visualisation

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