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The first genome data from ancient Egyptian mummies (small sample, but interesting)

(tags: egypt genetics )

Psychologists have shown that it?s possible to train one-year-olds? attention skills

(tags: children psychology attention )

Having an open-minded personality manifests at a basic level of visual perception

No idea what the consequences of this are, but it's fascinating that it's there at all.
(tags: perception psychology personality )

7 Ways to Maximize Misery ??

(tags: happiness video psychology advice )

Robots Wielding Water Knives Are the Future of Farming

(tags: farming robots thefuture )

What MRA?s think will happen at the Women-Only Wonder Woman screenings

(tags: women movies satire )

Women negatively judged if they take maternity leave, and if they don't

(tags: women motherhood OhForFucksSake patriarchy misogyny )

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