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Interesting Links for 26-05-2017

Police cuts mean forces can't handle terror threat without Army help, Police Federation says
(tags: uk police Conservatives )
An Epic Landslide in California, Before and After
(tags: california earth photo roads )
Star Wars: The glass-half-full gift of the only official unaltered original trilogy DVDs
(tags: StarWars ) denies exploiting users' DNA (they can totally exploit mine if it helps cure anyone of anything)
(tags: genetics data )
Mindfulness-focused childbirth education leads to less depression
(tags: mindfulness depression childbirth mother )
Netflix and Amazon streaming service rivals put BBC 'download and keep' service out of business
I have never "bought" a tv show on digital. Really can't imagine ever doing so. Happy to "rent", and subscribe for streaming though.
(tags: tv bbc vod streaming viaSwampers )
The Handmaid's Tale, Dystopia & Life Imitating Art
(tags: women scifi tv dystopia )
I was not aware quite how large crocodiles got
(tags: crocodile video )
Brain images reveal roots of kids' increasing cognitive control
(tags: psychology neuroscience children brain )
When Will Machines Exceed Human Performance? Survey of AI Researchers.
(tags: ai thefuture )
Fathers' brains respond differently to daughters than sons
(tags: parenting fatherhood psychology )
It Is Really Important to Humanize Evil
(tags: evil society psychology slavery humanity )
A collection of terrible terrible book jokes
(tags: books jokes funny )
Americans discover that you can put butter on bread _with other things_. Not satire. I think.
(tags: food usa wtf )
IFS criticises Labour and Tory plans - Neither major party is being "really honest" with voters
(tags: labour Conservatives economics tax welfare uk OhForFucksSake )
Why I Quit Being So Accommodating (an essay from 1922)
(tags: advice business )
Whales are the largest animals on Earth. Now we know why they got so big
(tags: animals ocean prehistory evolution climatechange )

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Tags: advice, ai, animals, bbc, books, brain, business, california, childbirth, children, climatechange, conservatives, crocodile, data, depression, dystopia, earth, economics, evil, evolution, fatherhood, food, funny, genetics, humanity, jokes, labour, links, mindfulness, mother, neuroscience, ocean, ohforfuckssake, parenting, photo, police, prehistory, psychology, roads, scifi, slavery, society, starwars, streaming, tax, thefuture, tv, uk, usa, viaswampers, video, vod, welfare, women, wtf

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