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Interesting Links for 22-05-2017

Johnny Depp Wouldn't Have a Female Villain for 'Pirates 5' Because He Thought It Would Be "Redundant"
(tags: sexism movies OhForFucksSake )
A more cheerful history of philosophy
(tags: philosophy funny faces photoshop )
Dear man who's speaking to a room full of women
(tags: women advice Technology conference )
Are Pop Lyrics Getting More Repetitive? (Gorgeous visualisation, should be read on desktop)
(tags: music visualisation history )
Nasa revives 'weird life forms' trapped inside crystals for 60,000 years
I'm sure I've seen this movie.
(tags: WTF life headline )
Fact check: Did the SNP government end hospital parking charges?
(tags: Scotland snp hospital facts )
Van Allen Probes Spot Man-Made Barrier Shrouding Earth
(tags: physics earth space )
The world's biggest wind turbines will help UK power 230,000 homes
(tags: windpower uk )
Texas Woman Fired For Not Being Christian Enough
(tags: usa religion work OhForFucksSake )
Why Japanese teenagers aren't interested in dating
(tags: relationships japan OhForFucksSake )
Six programming paradigms that will change how you think about coding
(tags: programming language design )
Businessman suspends Scottish Labour financial backing over councillors
(tags: politics labour scotland )

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