Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-05-2017

Minipeople (gorgeous unsettling pieces of art)
(tags: art )
Datasaurus - Same Stats, Different Graphs (including a dinosaur)
(tags: visualisation dinosaurs statistics data )
That Astonishing Tory Ferguslie Park Super Triumph
(tags: Conservatives voting glasgow scotland )
What Happens When You Mix Thermodynamics and the Quantum World? A Revolution
(tags: quantum physics )
An apple snail laying eggs
(tags: animals eggs video )
Is it me, or does this house description sound like something out of a horror movie?
(tags: housing horror EpicWTF )
The dog who rescues cats
(tags: dogs cats )
Many Women Are Searching for Ultra-Violent Porn
(tags: porn women abuse fantasy )
Theresa May unveils biggest shake-up of mental health policies in 30 years
(tags: mentalhealth healthcare uk Conservatives )

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Tags: abuse, animals, art, cats, conservatives, data, dinosaurs, dogs, eggs, epicwtf, fantasy, glasgow, healthcare, horror, housing, links, mentalhealth, physics, porn, quantum, scotland, statistics, uk, video, visualisation, voting, women

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