Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 29-04-2017

She Screams, He Kidnaps - gender and verbs across 100,000 stories
(tags: gender language society )
'Downward spiral': UK slips to 40th place in press freedom rankings
(tags: uk journalism media fascism )
Cauterize, a Harry Potter story about a post-war photographer
(tags: harrypotter fanfic war )
Driver reveals ONE SIMPLE TRICK to avoid ALL speeding fines and penalty points
(tags: law driving UK satire funny )
Fyre Festival Was Always Going to Be a Disaster
(tags: festivals epicfail )
The Fyre Festival looks like one of the worst run events in human history
(tags: festivals epicfail )

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Tags: driving, epicfail, fanfic, fascism, festivals, funny, gender, harrypotter, journalism, language, law, links, media, satire, society, uk, war

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