Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 20-04-2017

In 1983 it became impossible to measure the speed of light
(tags: speed light science )
Triclosan, banned from soaps but not toothpastes, may help superbugs in gut
(tags: antibiotics microbiome teeth )
Tim Farron: Lib Dem leader says being gay is not a sin
(tags: religion politics libdem )
Ultrasonic clothes dryer halves drying time, uses 70% less energy
(tags: clothes water sound Technology )
Labour to set a 'cap' on salaries of top executives in Government-employed companies
I'd love to see the specifics of how they intend to make this work.
(tags: pay labour politics )
I took the Political Compass test again. Not sure about where they've put the parties...
(tags: politics testing )
South Indian frog oozes molecule that inexplicably decimates flu viruses
(tags: frog disease )
Jeremy Corbyn rejects 'progressive alliance' with SNP
(tags: Labour SNP politics uk )
Stellaris keeps looking like it would be a lot of fun to play
(tags: games scifi )
Cheaper brands are often the same as expensive ones
(tags: branding marketing )
Woman Who Begged For 50p Sentenced To Six Months In Prison In A Hearing Where She Had No Lawyer
(tags: law OhForFucksSake poverty uk )
The Last Jedi: Mark Hamill 'fundamentally disagrees with virtually everything' written for his character
(tags: StarWars )

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