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Interesting Links for 12-04-2017

Google’s Dueling Neural Networks Spar to Get Smarter, No Humans Required
(tags: ai google )
European Parliament votes to end visa-free travel for Americans
(tags: europe usa travel OhForFucksSake )
38% of Labour supporters think Corbyn would be a better Prime Minister than May
Which, I think, comes down to perceived competence. May might be an awful human being who is unnecessarily tearing the country apart, but she still comes across as more capable of organising a piss-up in a brewery than Corbyn does.
(tags: labour Conservatives politics uk epicfail )
What lurks inside the walls of ancient buildings, and how was it supposed to keep out evil?
(tags: history witchcraft superstition uk )
Boeing Dreamliner Gets $3M Cheaper Thanks to Rapid Plasma Deposition
(tags: 3dprinting airplanes )
The Osiris Child - a trailer for proper trashy b-movie science fiction
(tags: scifi trailer video movies )
The 5 Types Of Vaginas, As Revealed By A Bikini Waxer
(tags: vagina )
Amazon's new sick policy: collective punishment
(tags: amazon sick illness OhForFucksSake )
What Happened to "Who"?
(tags: grammar english usa viaLizzieCassMaran )
Investigation finds prison inmates built computers and hid them in prison ceiling
(tags: prison computers )
The changing definitions of the word "Robot"
(tags: robots history language english scifi )
The factual impenetrability of zombie rules (Like insisting on "Who")
(tags: language english history viaLizzieCassMaran )
Intestinal bacteria may protect against diabetes
(tags: microbiome diabetes )
British man charged after US gamer is shot by Swat police following hoax terrorism call
(tags: OhForFucksSake gaming police guns )
Why Buying T-Shirts Is the Absolute Best Way to Support Bands You Like
(tags: t-shirts music business viaBartCalendar )
That Four-Star Rating You Left Could Cost Your Uber Driver Her Job
(tags: ratings reviews OhForFucksSake )

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