Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 11-04-2017

First UK rail freight service to China to depart
(tags: uk china rail transport trade )
Russian arrested in Spain over US election hacking
(tags: russia spain hacking usa elections )
How to force manufacturers to take IoT security seriously?
(tags: Technology security )
British Religion in Numbers
(tags: religion demographics uk )
Are the voters on Twitter typical of the rest of us?
(tags: twitter voting polls )
NHS Scotland to fund 'game-changer' Prep HIV drug
(tags: hiv drugs scotland healthcare )
Three Ways to Grade a Test
(tags: Education )
Chechnya has opened concentration camps for gay men
(tags: lgbt fascism russia )
Scots to bask in 3 months of hot weather
(tags: Scotland weather )
Using Facebook more leads to less happiness
(tags: facebook happiness psychology )
Why an X-Men comic has ignited political debate in Indonesia
(tags: xmen islam politics )
The Great Impostor
See also for a more informal discussion. He makes Frank Abagnale look like an underachiever.
(tags: viaSwampers )
The Ableist, Racist, Classist Underpinnings Of ‘Laziness’
(tags: work class race )

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