Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 10-04-2017

Flat-Earthers Have a Wild New Theory About Forests
(tags: forests conspiracy wtf )
People prefer fairness over equality
(tags: inequality psychology society )
15 honest British seaside postcards (Some of you will particularly appreciate Whitby)
(tags: UK funny holidays goth )
When having separate bank accounts is the opposite of independence
(tags: relationships money )
Ikea's smart-lighting system is not a terrible apocalypse of security failure!
(tags: ikea security )
LJ to Dreamwidth in a Hurry
(tags: livejournal dreamwidth )
Want to find an old LJ friend? Linking DW and LJ identities
(tags: livejournal dreamwidth )
On the Women’s Petition Against Coffee of 1674
(tags: coffee history )
What is this colored fiber in my chicken?
(tags: chicken food wtf )
The connection between short and long-term memory is not what we thought
(tags: memory brain mice )
I took a feminism test. I'm not sure how I feel about the results
(tags: feminism )
Borders Railway extension prospects studied
(tags: rail scotland )
Third of cohabitants believed they had same rights as married couples (or did not know). 75% think those rights should exist.
Scotland is, as usual, ahead of the curve:
(tags: uk scotland law relationships )

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Tags: brain, chicken, coffee, conspiracy, dreamwidth, feminism, food, forests, funny, goth, history, holidays, ikea, inequality, law, links, livejournal, memory, mice, money, psychology, rail, relationships, scotland, security, society, uk, wtf

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