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Interesting Links for 01-04-2017

Meanwhile, at the end of infinity
(tags: mathematics jokes funny comic )
The Doctor's new companion Will absolutely not fancy him.
(tags: lgbt drwho )
Anyone recommend a decent music-playing device which can be operated without looking at it?
(tags: music Technology design advice )
What the EU27 wants from Brexit
(tags: europe viaNWhyte )
Classism (and Sexism, and Ableism) Kills
(tags: healthcare class society OhForFucksSake )
Manatees are no longer classified as endangered species
(tags: GoodNews animals ocean )
Badger caught on camera burying cow carcass in world first
(tags: animals video cows )
Indian civil servant called in to partition Britain
(tags: uk politics satire )
Iron Man-style flight suit inventor struggles to convince anyone it is not an April Fools’
(tags: video flight Technology )
Twins Born at End of Daylight Savings Time - one older, one "older"
(tags: time children )
George R. R. Martin on Writing TV's 'Beauty and the Beast': "It Was Such a Smart Show"
(tags: TV GeorgeRRMartin )
Things We’ve Heard About Upcoming Star Wars Projects
(tags: StarWars )
Keeping David MacKay's 'Sustainable Energy - without the hot air' up-to-date
I'd love to see this done. The book was amazing, but the figures are now getting out of date.
(tags: energy electricity uk )

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