Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 18-03-2017

UK Government pulls all its ads from YouTube after some end up funding extremist channels
(tags: video advertising uk government youtube )
The Problem With Facts
(tags: facts psychology politics media )
'Hidden Figures' Earned More In The U.S. Than 'X-Men' And 'Star Trek'
(tags: movies usa )
Everyone calm down: the new Matrix movie is NOT a reboot - Syfy Wire | SyfyWire
(tags: matrix movies )
If you’re a European, your body requires more vegetables and grains
(tags: diet genetics )
'Intellectual humility' could be key to becoming a better person
(tags: belief scepticism advice self-improvement )
A history of Railroad Tycoon
(tags: history games trains )
Researchers unveil unique video view of Edinburgh - 470 years ago
(tags: edinburgh history video )
UK troops in Estonia to deter Russian aggression
(tags: russia uk military europe )
White House newsletter accidentally promotes article mocking Trump’s new budget
(tags: media fail usa politics )

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Tags: advertising, advice, belief, diet, edinburgh, europe, facts, fail, games, genetics, government, history, links, matrix, media, military, movies, politics, psychology, russia, scepticism, self-improvement, trains, uk, usa, video, youtube

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