Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 11-03-2017

NASA finds lunar spacecraft that vanished 8 years ago
(tags: NASA space india )
Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is the time-mangling, single-player cooperative tactical shooter you didn't know you needed
(tags: games review time movies )
How an online fight about dogs became one of 2016’s greatest memes
(tags: meme twitter dogs viaSwampers )
Scotland is the only part of the UK which exports more than it imports
(tags: scotland trade uk )
The Fight to Legalize a Machine That Melts Flesh From Bone
(tags: death bodies chemistry )
Singapore regulator reports successful inter-bank payments using blockchain
(tags: banking Technology )
CRISPR used to genetically modify viable human embryos for the first time
(tags: genetics )
Swindon ‘just like Harry Potter’, say American tourists
(tags: harrypotter funny satire )
Which browser uses the least memory?
(tags: browser memory )
Inside the cruellest RollerCoaster Tycoon park ever created
(tags: games evil )

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Tags: banking, bodies, browser, chemistry, death, dogs, evil, funny, games, genetics, harrypotter, india, links, meme, memory, movies, nasa, review, satire, scotland, space, technology, time, trade, twitter, uk, viaswampers

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