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Interesting Links for 15-02-2017

Nokia 3310, 'the world's most reliable phone', to be re-launched
(tags: phones nokia viaSwampers )
Explaining Vous vs Tu perfectly
(tags: france language visualisation )
With Mike Pence gone, more reasonable Republicans undo his work in Indiana
(tags: republicans usa politics )
48 Questions the FBI Uses to Determine if Someone Is a Likely Terrorist
(tags: terrorism usa questions )
A question I have asked myself many times about America
(tags: usa language )
Always assume everyone has an itchy butt
(tags: advice comic )
More and more writers are getting involved in the TV versions of their novels
(tags: writing tv books )
Humans Killed the Aral Sea. Now, It’s Come Back to Life
(tags: sea water GoodNews )
End of fillings in sight as scientists find Alzheimer's drug makes teeth grow back
(tags: teeth viaTheWeaselKing )
Arrival: Author Ted Chiang reveals how his story went from page to screen
Turns out he likes Black Mirror too
(tags: scifi writing short_story movies )
Not feeling well? What you need is worms!
(tags: Parasites immune_system health )
The Cagots were a persecuted group of families in France and Spain for hundreds of years. For no known reason.
(tags: history weird bigotry )
Philip Pullman unveils epic fantasy trilogy The Book of Dust
(tags: writing fantasy religion )
To please your friends, tell them what they already know
(tags: stories psychology )
The Amazon was transformed over 2000 years ago by people who built hundreds of large mysterious earthworks
(tags: amazon prehistory )
Ernst & Young Removes Degree Classification From Entry Criteria As There's No Evidence University Equals Success
(tags: university jobs )
If America was serious about terrorism they'd build a wall around North Carolina
(tags: usa terrorism religion )
Explaining the basics of Git in simple words
(tags: git )

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