Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 16-01-2017

Self-Driving Cars Will Produce a Very Different Auto Industry
(tags: automation cars transport driving )
There's going to be an illustrated Earthsea omnibus released in 2018
I read the whole of Earthsea a couple of years ago, and am now looking forward to a re-read.
(tags: fantasy writing GoodNews )
Gates Foundation research can’t be published in top journals
(tags: publishing OpenAccess research billgates )
Confessions Of A Victoria's Secret Photoshopper
(tags: photoshop fashion )
We Used To Have 6 More Letters In Our Alphabet
(tags: language uk english )
Missing persons case opened after ‘Sherlock’ writer vanishes up his own arse
(tags: SherlockHolmes tv StevenMoffat )
Women only said 27% of the words in 2016’s biggest movies.
(tags: women movies writing )
Reminder: Blue Monday Isn't Real
(tags: happiness fraud psychology )

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