Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 11-01-2017

On Maximum Wages and Inequality
(tags: wages inequality economics income )
Do any other nations enjoy understatement as much as the British do?
(tags: uk language society funny )
This pretty-much sums up my position on philosophy and meaning
(tags: philosophy life )
A lot of well-meaning people don’t understand single-payer healthcare
(tags: healthcare )
People are rubbish at noticing that white people are white
Of course, they're rubbish at noticing how many legs they have too. But then only 62% of Americans are white, and a lot more have two legs.
(tags: race )
GRRM makes tiny announcement about the next book
(tags: GeorgeRRMartin )
Americans are happier with inequality than Norwegians
(tags: inequality norway usa psychology )
Illumina wants to sequence your whole genome for $100
(tags: genetics Technology )
Equivocating feels less bad than lying but will cost you in the long run
(tags: lying psychology )
Bosses' bizarre excuses for failing to pay minimum wage
(tags: uk minimumwage )

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