Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 05-01-2017

The State of Quantum Computers (2017)
(tags: quantum Technology computers )
Someone Is Destroying Online Go, and Nobody Knows Who It Is
(tags: ai games Go )
China’s 'Lucky Knot' Bridge Has No Beginning and No End
(tags: china bridge design )
Shaker group founded in 1783 has just two remaining members
(tags: religion history )
Self-driving MarioKart with AI
(tags: driving games ai )
Top 100 selling games on Steam for 2016
(tags: games )
Man who used life savings to buy a field discovers ruins of an entire lost city under the ground
(tags: archeology )
Google reveals secret test of AI bot to beat top Go players
(tags: Go ai google )
EVE Online’s free to play update does things its own way
(tags: mmorpg space )
Autistic children have gastrointestinal problems because they're stressed
(tags: stress autism )

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Tags: ai, archeology, autism, bridge, china, computers, design, driving, games, go, google, history, links, mmorpg, quantum, religion, space, stress, technology

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