Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 04-01-2017

Long-term stress erodes memory
(tags: stress memory )
UK's top ambassador to EU resigns before start of Brexit negotiations
(tags: uk europe diplomacy )
Think chicken: Think intelligent, caring and complex
(tags: birds Intelligence )
Sex hormone-sensitive gene complex linked to premenstrual mood disorder
(tags: women menstruation genes emotions )
Shout-out for Group Organisers for Beltane 2017
(tags: beltane )
Inflammation halts fat-burning
(tags: inflammation fat )
First China to U.K. Freight Train Departs
(tags: uk china trains )
Wherein a nervous liberal buys a gun
(tags: guns usa )
Having children carries big pay penalty
(tags: children women pay )
Sugar-Free Drinks Do Not Aid Weight Loss
(tags: weight health sugar )
Why do numpads on keyboards and phones have reversed layouts?
(tags: numbers keyboard design )
The spy with the stolen name
(tags: history children names spying )

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Tags: beltane, birds, children, china, design, diplomacy, emotions, europe, fat, genes, guns, health, history, inflammation, intelligence, keyboard, links, memory, menstruation, names, numbers, pay, spying, stress, sugar, trains, uk, usa, weight, women

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