Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 03-01-2017

Swiss say goodbye to banking secrecy
(tags: Switzerland banking secrecy privacy )
There are now 420 Dragonlance stories!
(tags: dungeonsanddragons fiction viaPhilmoPhlegm )
The Rise and Fall of an All-American Catchphrase: 'Free, White, and 21'
(tags: racism usa history movies )
How a 'D&D'-style RPG Brought 'Star Wars' Back From the Dead
(tags: StarWars roleplaying viaPhilmoPhlegm )
Interesting discussion of good places around the world to live/work in.
(tags: work life world )
The Supervolcano Under Naples Is Rumbling
(tags: italy volcano )
New evidence that Nixon sabotaged 1968 Vietnam peace deal
(tags: vietnam history politics )
What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2017?
(tags: copyright )
Lloyd’s Braced for $50mn Carrie Fisher Star Wars Claim
(tags: insurance StarWars )
Basic Economy Fares Don't Lower Ticket Prices, They Increase Ticket Prices
(tags: airplanes money business )
US Congress: Republicans vote to limit ethics body
(tags: ethics politics usa republicans )
It's official: A brand-new human organ has been classified
(tags: humans biology )

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