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Interesting Links for 31-12-2016

Africa's naming traditions
(tags: africa names )
Insurance firm to replace human workers with AI system
(tags: japan ai insurance jobs )
Nobody should ever do business with this company
(tags: xkcd business data funny names )
Russia vows to delete all White House videogame saves
(tags: games funny satire russia usa hacking )
Inside the Lab that Grows Human Skin to Test Cosmetics
(tags: testing cosmetics makeup humans bodies )
25 Masterpieces That Prove 2016 Was an Incredible Year for Architecture
(tags: architecture design )
Once mocked, Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram was a stroke of genius
(tags: facebook photos business )
Foxconn aims to totally automate its factories
(tags: automation manufacturing )
China announces ban on ivory trade by end of 2017
(tags: china elephants GoodNews )
How Watership Down was written
(tags: writing creativity rabbits stories uk history )
The History of Keeping the Damned Women Out (of university)
(tags: history Education uk women viaFanf )
The Guardian’s Summary of Julian Assange’s Interview Was Completely False
(tags: guardian OhForFucksSake JulianAssange news )
White House fails to make case that Russian hackers tampered with election
(tags: russia usa hacking fail )
5 Rules for Hosting a Crappy Dinner Party (and Seeing Your Friends More Often)
(tags: food social )
Saudi Arabia jails man for a year after he publically called for end of male control over women
(tags: women saudiarabia rights OhForFucksSake )
There's nothing less electable than "electability"
(tags: politics )

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