Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 28-12-2016

Researchers "Translate" Bat Talk. Turns Out, They Argue—A Lot
(tags: bats language )
The Mysterious Virus That Could Cause Obesity
(tags: obesity weight fat chicken )
The best board games of 2016
(tags: games boardgames )
Giant robot takes first steps
(tags: robots )
Watership Down author Richard Adams dies aged 96
(tags: rabbits books death obituary )
Frog Fractions 2: the jig is up, and the game is here
(tags: games weird )
Within days of moving LJ servers LJ to Russia they blocked almost 100 users
Makes me glad to have Dreamwidth.
(tags: russia censorship livejournal )
Carrie Fisher Had Just One Request for Her Obituary
(tags: StarWars obituary )
Vera Rubin, 88, Dies; Opened Doors in Astronomy, and for Women
(tags: astronomy space women )
What does life look like in a patriarchal dystopia?
(tags: gender society dystopia )

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Tags: astronomy, bats, boardgames, books, censorship, chicken, death, dystopia, fat, games, gender, language, links, livejournal, obesity, obituary, rabbits, robots, russia, society, space, starwars, weight, weird, women

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