Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 23-12-2016

Let Toys Be Toys 2016 update
(tags: toys gender society viaFanf )
Music in the brain: The first imaging genetic study linking dopaminergic genes to music
(tags: music genetics dopamine )
A cure for social anxiety disorders
(tags: anxiety mentalhealth cbt )
Job recruiters may be swayed by signs of our sexuality revealed in our faces
(tags: lgbt bias stereotypes jobs )
Cat! vs! Cat! Feeder!
(tags: cats engineering )
How a change for the worse makes for a different person
(tags: personality change psychology )
Value of bitcoins in circulation hits record high of $14bn
(tags: bitcoin china )
People who care for others live longer
(tags: altruism lifespan age )
Introductory psychology textbooks accused of spreading myths and liberal-leaning bias
(tags: psychology bias Education )
A guide to giving your cats their annual performance review
(tags: cats work funny satire )
Workers on zero-hour contracts earn £1,000 a year less doing the same jobs as those on contracts
(tags: pay work uk )

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Tags: age, altruism, anxiety, bias, bitcoin, cats, cbt, change, china, dopamine, education, engineering, funny, gender, genetics, jobs, lgbt, lifespan, links, mentalhealth, music, pay, personality, psychology, satire, society, stereotypes, toys, uk, viafanf, work

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