Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 10-12-2016

The lakes of the world are disappearing – in pictures
(tags: globalwarming industrial water geography )
The Reality Behind Magic Leap
(tags: augmentedreality )
Arnold Schwarzenegger: I am not a self-made man
(tags: advice society Arnold_Schwarzenegger inspiration )
'Everyone I owe favours to died 700 years ago,' says one peer as the House of Lords rejects reforming itself
(tags: houseoflords politics reform fail )
New and improved: Syphilis makes comeback with unexpected drug resistance
(tags: sex disease )
UW engineers achieve Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power
(tags: wifi power Technology viaFanf )
The Lost Art of Painting on Cobweb Canvases
(tags: spiders art history )
California man spent $1 million playing Game of War
(tags: games money crime )
There’s such a thing as collective narcissism (and it might explain a lot that’s going on at the moment)
(tags: psychology narcissism nationalism )
The best review on Amazon (NSFW)
(tags: sex dogs funny nsfw )
Let your kids lose: Success inhibits preschoolers’ ability to establish selective trust
(tags: children psychology trust parenting )

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Tags: advice, arnold_schwarzenegger, art, augmentedreality, children, crime, disease, dogs, fail, funny, games, geography, globalwarming, history, houseoflords, industrial, inspiration, links, money, narcissism, nationalism, nsfw, parenting, politics, power, psychology, reform, sex, society, spiders, technology, trust, viafanf, water, wifi

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