Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 26-11-2016

The President and the bomb
(tags: usa nuclearweapons military history )
How to Not Write (Advice from Ursula K Le Guin)
(tags: writing advice )
Mad Shelia Is the Chinese Mad Max Ripoff of Your Dreams
(tags: movies china )
Economic Trends Worth Watching
(tags: economics thefuture )
New research links genetic defects in carbohydrate digestion to irritable bowel syndrome
(tags: sugar genetics food )
The Thin Gene
(tags: genetics anorexia hormones weight health )
Railway Market: An Urban Train Track Doubles as Shopping Alley in Thailand
(tags: trains business )
Lessons Learned About Programming from playing "Shenzhen I/O" (a game about programming microcontrollers)
(tags: programming games )
Did "Fantastic Beasts" Explain Ariana Dumbledore’s Condition?
(tags: harrypotter )

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Tags: advice, anorexia, business, china, economics, food, games, genetics, harrypotter, health, history, hormones, links, military, movies, nuclearweapons, programming, sugar, thefuture, trains, usa, weight, writing

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