Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 25-11-2016

The war against the squirrels has begun!
(tags: squirrel )
Wages will be dreadful for more than a decade
(tags: pay money economy thefuture )
Senegal To Introduce A New Blockchain Based National Digital Currency, Second Country To Have Digital Currency
(tags: bitcoin Technology currency africa )
A list of everyone who can now see your entire internet history, including the taxman, DWP and Food Standards Agency
(tags: internet surveillance uk OhForFucksSake )
Why every office should scrap its clean desk policy
(tags: cleanliness office creativity work )
The truth about trade agreements – and why we need them
(tags: trade economics )
On Structures (and why voting systems are important)
(tags: voting reform )
The Fake News About Post-Truth
(tags: media journalism lies history )
Low social status can damage immune system
(tags: psychology society immune_system )
Why young children are terrible at hiding
(tags: children psychology )
Germany’s Chinese investment problem: China has a plan. The EU doesn't
(tags: Germany China Europe business investment )
Ryanair makes no money from tickets, and £1bn from pricey extras
(tags: airplanes money )
Why are some of us better at handling contradictory information than others?
(tags: epistemology psychology )
Homeless village to be built in Edinburgh
(tags: homelessness edinburgh scotland uk )
Repeal the new Surveillance laws (A petition)
(tags: surveillance law uk petition )

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