Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-11-2016

Why do film downloads cost more than DVDs?
(tags: dvd streaming video money markets )
Dad’s preconception exercise may increase obesity, insulin resistance risk in offspring (in rats)
(tags: exercise insulin children epigenetics )
Minnesota Taxes The Rich, Pays Workers More, And--Shocking--The Economy Improves
(tags: tax minimumwage usa economics )
Revealed: The secret sequel to Lord Of The Rings is...Pulp Fiction!
(tags: lotr movies funny )
We now know exactly how many DNA mutations smoking causes
(tags: dna genes smoking )
Ontario: New Report, Request for Input on Basic Income Guarantee Pilot
(tags: GuaranteedIncome canada )
Donald Trump’s very liberal plan to pay off the US national debt
(tags: politics debt economics usa history )

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Tags: canada, children, debt, dna, dvd, economics, epigenetics, exercise, funny, genes, guaranteedincome, history, insulin, links, lotr, markets, minimumwage, money, movies, politics, smoking, streaming, tax, usa, video

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