Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 30-10-2016

Book Review: 'Agent of the Imperium', by Marc Miller
(tags: books review scifi )
A Brexit reality check in Stockholm
(tags: sweden uk europe viaNWhyte )
The Best Campaign Ad Ever
(tags: politics advertising funny video )
Watch thousands of books being re-shelved in a two minute time-lapse
(tags: books time video newyork )
Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
(tags: apple wtf )
EU diplomats praise Scotland as ‘haven’ in wake of Brexit
(tags: scotland racism )
Seattle: Highest Minimum Wage, Lowest Unemployment Rate
(tags: minimumwage usa economics )
What Happens If Trump Refuses To Concede Election
(tags: satire elections politics usa )

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Tags: advertising, apple, books, economics, elections, europe, funny, links, minimumwage, newyork, politics, racism, review, satire, scifi, scotland, sweden, time, uk, usa, vianwhyte, video, wtf

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