Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 24-10-2016

Revealed: Nearly Half The Adults In Britain And Europe Hold Authoritarian Populist Views
(tags: immigration politics rights polls )
Banks poised to relocate out of UK over Brexit
(tags: banking uk europe )
AI predicts outcome of human rights cases 79% of the time
(tags: rights ai law uk )
Chinese firm admits its hacked DVRs, cameras were behind Friday's massive DDOS attack
(tags: security Technology ddos )
That awkward moment when Russian state media reports on a new Wikileaks dump 30 minutes before Wikileaks releases it
(tags: russia wikileaks )
The real-world uses for virtual reality
(tags: VR design ikea autism )
'Gay cake' appeal: Christian bakers lose appeal
(tags: lgbt cake law uk NorthernIreland )
Police say Scottish fox hunting law 'unworkable'
(tags: animals scotland law fail )
Poldark 'rape' scene sparks controversy
(tags: fiction bbc rape )

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Tags: ai, animals, autism, banking, bbc, cake, ddos, design, europe, fail, fiction, ikea, immigration, law, lgbt, links, northernireland, politics, polls, rape, rights, russia, scotland, security, technology, uk, vr, wikileaks

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