Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 10-10-2016

San Jose: Law would make city first to allow "tiny homes" for homeless
(tags: homelessness housing usa )
Single body to advise public on pensions and debt
(tags: uk pensions debt advice )
We’re now up to five reports of “safe” Galaxy Note 7s exploding worldwide
(tags: samsung Technology safety )
'Don't feed the trolls' really is good advice – here's the evidence
(tags: troll psychology behaviour )
We Drop People Who Give Us Critical Feedback (Despite them actively improving us)
(tags: information work criticism psychology )
Why the replication crisis seems worse in psychology.
(tags: psychology research )
The future of mobile phone announcements
(tags: phones Technology thefuture satire comic )
The Massacre at Monkey Hill (a fascinating story of primate research gone wrong)
(tags: monkeys anthropology research fail )
If only everyone used Twitter the way Canadians do
(tags: Canada internet politeness argument )
"As A Father of Daughters"
(tags: women society funny satire )

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Tags: advice, anthropology, argument, behaviour, canada, comic, criticism, debt, fail, funny, homelessness, housing, information, internet, links, monkeys, pensions, phones, politeness, psychology, research, safety, samsung, satire, society, technology, thefuture, troll, uk, usa, women, work

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