Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 18-09-2016

Edinburgh Uni's sustainability dept are looking for a web/tech person. Anyone fancy (or suggest improvements?)
(tags: jobs edinburgh university web Technology )
Every Stephen King Novel Summarized in 140 Characters or Less
(tags: writing horror funny )
A Caiman Wearing a Crown of Butterflies
(tags: animals photo )
Scientists reveal most accurate depiction of a dinosaur ever created
(tags: dinosaurs )
Severus Snape's inbox
(tags: harrypotter funny )
The BBC's reporting does not seem to be getting any better...
(tags: bbc economics OhForFucksSake )
How useful is a knowledge of anatomy to having good sex?
(tags: sex biology women )
The explosive growth of the 300-person “megagame”
(tags: games boardgames )
The 22 Most Middle-Class Things That Have Ever Happened In Scotland
(tags: scotland class food funny viaPatrickHadfield )
Pride, with Prejudice: When Biphobia Creeps into Same Gender Relationships
(tags: lgbt bigotry )

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Tags: animals, bbc, bigotry, biology, boardgames, class, dinosaurs, economics, edinburgh, food, funny, games, harrypotter, horror, jobs, lgbt, links, ohforfuckssake, photo, scotland, sex, technology, university, viapatrickhadfield, web, women, writing

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