Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

A question about dick pics

A) Do dating sites aimed at gay men have less, more, or the same amount of dick pics being sent (per person on the site with a penis)?
B) For that demographic...does it work?

Because the writeups I've seen of "Why do men send dick pics" have generally concluded that "Men would quite like to see their partners genitals, and a proportion of them think that sending their own would thus be appreciated."

And when I've discussed this with women they've largely been disbelieving that (a) men want that that much and (b) any man would think it would work. A gay dating site seems like the ideal place testing ground.

Not that I expect all gay men to, well, agree on anything. But if it they're even more common, and the reaction is more likely to be "Nice!" rather than "Uuuurgh" then that would be a fascinating piece of data.

Edit: As [personal profile] miss_s_b points out, it's unsolicited ones I'm talking about here, being used as a dating tactic. Solicited dic pics are a wholly other matter.

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