Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I recommend: A Common Man: The Bridge That Tom Built

The life and times of Thomas Paine, as told in a one man play which grabbed me from the second he stepped out from the red-striped curtain to the moment of his death an hour and a quarter later.

From his birth in Thetford, through privateering, sea crossings, revolutions (one American, one French), and numerous attempts on his life by accident, disease, mob, and politician, through to his eventual death, neither the character or the actor ever cease to be captivating.

It's in quite a small venue (which I forgot almost as soon as the play started), and was completely sold out for tonight's performance. If reviews spread as fast as they should then future shows will do likewise. Get tickets while you can. Here (where you can also see that the professional reviewers loved it as much as I do.)

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