Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I do not recommend: Mercy and the Wild Sea

Do you have a bunch of fairly bland rock instrumentals lying around? And some fairly bland female-led songs? Some shots of a couple acting love at each other in fairly-pretty countryside? And some in-game footage from Elite:Dangerous?

Have you considered taking them all together, adding in some between-music linking sections where the world's smallest piece of plot is delivered in the most portentious manner possible, throwing in some sci-fi twists and turns that would make a 12-year-old proud and a 16-year-old embarassed, and then stopping before you reach the end?

Because if so it's entirely possible that you were responsible for this. Which was at no point actively bad. The songs were song-like. The instrumentals were competently played. The plot was so non-existent that there was nothing there to actually find fault in other than its lack.

It was just very, very, dull. And I almost fell asleep halfway through.

(Astoundingly, there are no reviews I can find elsewhere either. For a show just off the centre of town, with a decent size room, this seems bizarre to me)

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