Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

The power! The terrible lack of power!

At about quarter past 11 the power went off.

I assumed that the fuse box had blown. Until I glanced out the window, and noticed that the street outside was pitch black.

So, of course, in the spirit of apocalyptic investigation, the three of us wandered into the street. I checked I had my keys and coat. Erin checked I had my keys. Alex completely failed to wear shoes*. We walked to the end of the street and there were no lights anywhere, except for a couple of burglar alarms going off with tiny lights on them.

And so we walked all the way out to the main road, and could see no lights towards the centre of town, except for the lightshow of the castle right in the centre of town for the Tattoo (I assume). There were some lights about a quarter of a mile the other way though.

And then we came home, using our phones as torches. I would have felt more smug about my portable battery pack if it wasn't down to 25%. But as that's enough for a couple of phone charges, still useful.

And then I stood in the corner of the kitchen, chatting on IM to Jane, who helpfully checked the SP Energy website while I phoned them. They said
Your property is currently affected by a supply interruption in the EH1,EH6,EH7,EH8,EH15,EH16 EH21 & EH22 postcode area Edinburgh. This has been caused by a fault on our electrical network and is affecting a number of customers in the local area. Our emergency response team have been alerted and we expect your power to be restored by 1.30AM. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. This message was created at 11.25PM on 8th August 2016.
Which, frankly, is a fucking huge chunk of Edinburgh.

And then I basically killed time for a bit being amused at other people dealing with the power cut on Facebook. And was about to go to bed when the power suddenly came back on, about an hour earlier than expected. So now I'm waiting for the washing machine to finish running so I can hang up clothes. And resetting the clock on the microwve. And restarting the NAS and Plex server. And being very grateful that this is the first power cut I've had to deal with in about 20 years.

*Something something New-Zealand Hobbit Furry Feet Something

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